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Why Silver is a Good Value Now!

Analyzing the Bull Case for Silver

Investing in the precious metal market can be addictive, especially once you’ve experienced reaping profits out of it. In fact, Paul Mylchreest, a marketing analyst, described silver as being one of the best assets in the world. But is this enough assurance for most of us to start piling into silver?

Why Silver is irresistible

Silver, like gold, is a monetary metal that attracts investors especially in times of currency debasement and monetary intervention. What makes Silver more irresistible is its numerous uses, making it ideal not only for jewelry making, but industrial purposes as well. It possesses good thermal and electrical conductivity, reflects light well, and can also endure high ranges of temperature. Such characteristics make it useful in different products ranging from computer microchips, batteries, and even as catalysts in plastic manufacturing. Not only does the metal make a good jewelry piece, but its anti-bacterial properties also make silver useful in the world of medicine.

Back in 2010, Silver Institute estimated around 487.4 million ounces of the metal used in the industry alone, while 101.3 million ounces were used in making coins and medals and around 167 million ounces to make beautiful pieces of jewelry. However, it differs much from gold because unlike the latter which usually gets hoarded, silver is mostly used in the industry.

When it comes to investment, the continuous rise of metals in the market only means that more silver should be mined. The moment that today’s mining industry can’t supply the demand, prices will definitely be higher.

Investing on Silver

If you want to earn money with silver, there are countless of ways to do so. You can start by purchasing the actual metal, although it can be subjected to VAT, making it more expensive than its actual worth. In fact, antique tea sets are usually sold at prices that are way below the real value of their silver weight.

A shortage in the silver metal exists and since the mining sector focuses on extracting copper and gold from the Earth, there will come a time where the demand for the metal won’t meet the supply needed for different market segments. When this happens, there would come a time when silver will definitely be more expensive than gold, making your money double in no time. That is, if you do decide to invest in precious metals.

Earning money with Silver

There are more than ten reasons why investing your money on silver, and the precious metal industry for that matter, is worth every single cent. Back in 2011, silver price came to almost $50.00US an ounce and since then, the metal has been experiencing consolidation pattern. Based from price analyses, investing in silver seems to be promising and profitable.

One of the first things that you need to keep in mind is that silver and gold are metals that are a hedge against economic inflation. When dollars go down, silver price automatically goes up. Looking at it in another way, when more dollars are in circulation, its individual value decreases, making the silver price to go up and be more attractive to invest in. In short, the best time take advantage of investing in the precious metal market is during inflation, when there is a favorable effect on commodity prices.

Earning money shouldn’t be difficult especially if you know how to play your cards right. When given the opportunity, don’t waste your time going one step forward and taking two steps back because of your fear of losing your investment. As long as you have the right knowledge and faith that everything’s going to work out, your investment will rewarded.




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