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Park Avenue has over 30 years experience buying and selling Rare Coin and Precious Metals. We have the knowledge and ability to provide our customers with the best products and services.

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Our Philosopy

Buying rare coins can be a rich and rewarding endeavor .  We strive to select only quality coins with outstanding eye appeal for our customers.  Since not every coin is truly rare, we select coins with a fundamental reason to rise in value based upon supply and demand factors.  Every client may be assured of the highest level of integrity.

Our company attempts to immediately instill in each client a Master Plan: that he or she is a single, but important “depository” for the immensely valuable coins of the future. That a collector who paid $20.00 for a rare U.S. Silver Dollar in 1970, and $1,500.00 in 2010, will be desperate to obtain that coin in the next decade at $5,000. The Source, the “depository” will be our investors: YOU!

Let us mention that integrity and commitment can be just words. They must be defined by the demonstrable actions of the company who claims them.  We have worked with tens of thousands of individuals like yourself  since 1988, having handled more than $1 Billion dollars in of valuable rare coins and placing some of the rarest coins known in the hands of avid collectors and sophisticated investors.  Let Park Avenue Numismatics show you a level of professionalism that is unequalled in rare coin industry.

Invest Your Money – In Money

Park Avenue Numismatics believes that the right coins held over the long term can be financially rewarding.  Planning for the future requires serious insight and stern resolve. Investors can no longer be certain that the stock market and other traditional forms of investment will offer the safety and security of the past.  No investor can guarantee today how many dollars will be required in the future to “live well.”  Most investors have not made plans to survive a possible rupture of the American paper money system, global economic system, or a potential disruption of the present bank and finance system.

Many investors have all their assets tied to the present paper money system. They have no “hard asset” investments. It is Park Avenue Numismatics’ opinion that rare coin investing, as a hard asset, should be one of  the basic cornerstones of any portfolio.

Investors should plan to hold a prudent reserve (3 to 6 months of present income is a minimum) outside the paper money system. Park Avenue Numismatics believes that rare coins are the superior hard asset choice because of their features of portability, privacy, liquidity, profit record, world desirability, and their absolute trustworthiness in time of economic stress.

Park Avenue Numismatics was founded to assist  individuals from all walks of life to purchase rare coins safely and easily.  We sincerely want to demonstrate this to you. Park Avenue Numismatics will deliver. . . quality rare coins; the information to back up our choices; and the deep commitment we have demonstrated to total, absolute customer satisfaction.

If you are considering various investments based on appreciation alone, you’d probably buy rare coins just based on long term past performance. The results have been unequalled over the long term. But rare coins offer other advantages, many of which cannot be matched by other investment vehicles. “The U.S. rare coin market offers outstanding growth potential in the future”

Safety and Stability . . .

The Collectors Base Underpins the Market.   Rare coins don’t have dramatic sudden price movements like stocks, gold and other commodities. That’s partly because of the huge collector base underpinning the coin market. There’s an estimated 35,000,000+ coin collectors/investors who buy sell and trade coins regularly. In the 1950’s, there were an estimated 1,000,000 coin collectors. New collectors enter the market every day and many continue for a lifetime.

The collectors have little thought to ever selling their holdings back into the market. They often become part of large collections and are passed on to the next generation. Collectors form a solid base and create steady, consistent demand for the coin market. They seldom sell because their collection is their hobby, not their investment. And, since the coins are fully paid for when you buy, and you take physical possession, there are none of the destabilizing forces at work as there are in other markets. There are no coin futures traded, no leverage purchases, no short-term speculation or margin calls.

The Supply and Demand Equation  – How it Works for You.

Of all the rare U.S. coins ever minted, it is estimated that about 2% or less still exist. And the existing supply is consistently being reduced as collectors buy more gold, hold them longer, and withdraw them from the market.

Contrast this to the supply situation of “traditional” investments, where new issues of stocks or bonds are constantly coming to market, or more gold deposits are discovered, or new real estate projects developed.

With almost all investments, there is a steady stream of additional investment product coming to market.  And as demand increases, promoters create more product to satisfy the increased demand, so demand never gets very far ahead of supply. In this manner, there is no rarity factor to push prices up. With coins, however, there will never be any more. So, as demand increases, prices rise, since supply cannot.

The demand side of the equation is also very positive for investors. By the year 2015, experts believe that there will be some 100,000,000 coin collectors/investors, an increase of over triple that of today’s market buyers. Since there will be no more new coins available for these new collectors, prices should  rise dramatically to meet this increased demand. As the demand increases and supply decreases, prices rise-Economics 101!


The Surprising Facts. Of all hard assets and collectible investments, coins are certainly one of the most liquid. Since there are no new supplies of rare coins, all demand must be supplied from collections owned by investors or collectors who decide to sell. With over 35,000,000 buyers and sellers in the market, and annual estimated sales of more than $5,000,000,000, there are abundant opportunities to liquidate your coins when the time comes.

Investors should understand, however, that though you can liquidate your rare coins surprisingly quick, they are not meant to be speculative vehicles or short-term investments. They do not have the instant liquidity of the stock market or bond market and investors should look upon them as a medium to long-term investment, with a holding period of 5 to 7 years or longer. Of course the longer one holds his investment, the better the investment is likely to perform.

Gold Bullion vs. Rare Coins. . .

What You Probably Didn’t Know.   Over the long term, rare coins have consistently out-performed gold and silver bullion by substantial margins. According to past surveys, the annual appreciation of rare coins averaged nearly 25 percent over a 20 year period, while gold averaged under 5 percent annually during the same period. As you can see, the performance of coins more than tripled that of bullion in periods of declining gold  and silver markets, coins have done exceptionally well too, showing a far more modest decline than bullion prices.

And don’t forget what happened in 1933. The Federal government banned private ownership of gold. Taxpayers were required to turn in all gold coins to the government. With one exception. Coins struck before 1933. And today, the President still has the power to ban private ownership of bulk gold coins (such as Kruggerands or Maple Leafs). But by law, private ownership of rare U.S. coins struck before 1933 cannot be prohibited.

Consider Privacy…

An investment in rare coins has more benefits simply not available in conventional investments. There are no reporting requirements to any federal, state, or local authorities when you make a purchase. Your name or social security number does not appear on any government computer as a result of your purchase or sale of a coin. (Purchasing gold bullion or bulk silver coins require reporting to the IRS.)

Consider Portability…

Tens of thousands of dollars in coins could fit into a small box. Since coins are in bearer form, they can be transferred quickly and confidentially. . . .

Consider Simplicity…

Coins are a management-free investment. No daily buy/sell decision. No complex forms to fill out, or monthly statements to decipher. No need to worry about interest rates, GNP, balance of trade deficit, and hundreds of other economic problems. The long term trend of coins is up.

Here’s one basic decision….. whether or not to invest in coins. Once you’ve made that decision, the coin market will take care of the rest.

For more information on Investing in Rare coins, Please contact us at 1-888-419-7136. We can custom design an rare coin portfolio for you based on your needs and area of interest.

Remember, a rare coin only gets rarer!


Bob Green, President

Park Avenue Numismatics