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Colonials, 1776 Continental Currency, & More 

Park Avenue has a brilliant selection of Colonial Coinage, ranging from 1776 Continental Currency, to French Colonial Coinage, to other Pre-1776 private and regionally issues currency.

Collecting these valuble and historical numismatics, is an exciting and financially rewarding investment. Colonial Money predates federally issued coinage and is an often overlooked segment of coin collection.

Check out our wide selection of Colonials and invest today! 

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1849 $5 MORMON MS60 NGC

Soldiers from the Mormon Battalion, returning home after the Mexican War, stopped in California in 1848 and were among the first to discover gold in the region. Their find at Mormon Island in the American River, just downstream from Sutter's Mill, near present-day Coloma, was among the richest deposits of ore found in the early Gold Rush era, yielding several million dollars in gold dust and nuggets. Despite their rich find, the Mormons did not succumb to gold fever, and continued homeward with their holdings, rather than lingering for the coming boom in California.