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Park Avenue has over 30 years experience buying and selling Rare Coin and Precious Metals. We have the knowledge and ability to provide our customers with the best products and services.

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How To Sell Your Coins and Precious Metals

To Sell Online
If you have coins that you want to sell, you may use our on-line form to e-mail a list of your certified or raw coins to us so that we may provide you with bid prices for them. Simply provide a description of the coin(s) and the grade and grading service. (Example: 1893-S Morgan Dollar, NGC MS60). For uncertified coins and bullion, call your Park Avenue Numismatics Account Representative. We have serviced over 10,000 clients and are in constant need of rare coins and bullion coins.

Trade For Coins If you desire a coin and would like to exchange coins in your current rare coin collection, simply call our buying department at 1-888-419-7136 to get trade-in values for your coins. You may use that value as purchasing power for your new selections once those coins have been mailed and received. If you have bullion or bullion coins, contact us to execute a sell transaction. We will provide you with instructions to make this transaction simple,   We offer this trading option to clients as an additional option which enables you to add to your rare coin portfolio or collection.

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It is Easy, Fast and We'll Pay Our Top Dollar for all your coins !

We have clients all over the country looking for coins, and we rely on purchases from people like you to fill these customers needs. As a result, we are willing to always pay TOP DOLLAR for All Gold Coins, Certified Coins, Key Date Coins in all denominations.

Bottom Line….We Need to Buy your Coins – Today!

Prepare a list of the material you wish to sell; include grading information. If you don’t have time to make a complete inventory, a list of highlights will suffice.

Call us at 1-888-419-7136, email us at We will be happy to provide an in-depth consultation on your collection.

If your material is of interest, we will provide complete instructions for shipping your coins to us for evaluation and an offer. We recommend shipping via U.S. Postal Service with insurance.

Ship with confidence to:

Park Avenue Numismatics
5084 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 105
Miami, Florida 33137

For quicker service…..Call us at 1-888-419-7136 and we can arrange for Fed Ex pickup and shipment.

Note: All material sent to us for evaluation is fully insured while in our possession or in transit.

After we receive your coins, we will phone you with our offer, usually within two business days. If our offer is accepted, we will send immediate funds by check or bank wire. In the unlikely event our offer is not accepted, your material will be returned promptly, and fully insured.

For additional information, or for assistance shipping your merchandise please call us today toll-free at 1-888-419-7136.


In light of the recent economic turmoil, many investors have gone from dealing with stock market bonds - a virtual commodity that is subject to major crashes - to dealing with precious metals, such as gold, like the investors of old. Our ancestors had it right: gold, in any form, is not only a smart investment, but also a more stable savings method - because unlike currency, whose value can fluctuate rapidly day by day, the price of gold is more constant and gradually rising worldwide. Converting one's money to gold is especially useful when doing business across countries, as exchange rates tend to flip flop on a whim. For those who do not need to convert large amounts of cash at once, gold coins are considered the best bet. They are smaller than bars and thus cheaper, easier and safer to have.

Kinds of Gold Coins

Bullion coins are the ones produced by one's government, and as such sell for the base rate of gold, plus the premium which is generally based on supply and demand at the time. Numismatic coins are rare coins that have collector value, and as such are worth more; however, dealing with them requires incredible expertise, and is not recommended for beginners or the casual investors.  It is always worth going to a dealer like Park Avenue to assess the value of your coins.

Choosing When to Sell

It is important to keep track of one's investment by staying up-to-date with the current price of gold and market bid/ask prices, as well as the rate of one's currency. The best time to sell is when the former is high due to the latter being low: the less value one's currency has, the the price to buy gold. Many gold investors maintain a specific portfolio just for this reason: to document the price of gold throughout the months to gauge when the demand is the greatest and thus predict when to sell.  A Park Avenue Account Representative is availble to discuss your portfolio at 1-888-419-7136.

Sell Your Coins

Please provide us with your name, email address and phone number. One of our buyers will contact you shortly regarding the sale of your coins. Thank you.