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The Power of Gold in Times of Crisis

Thursday, November 7, 2019

ZERO HEDGE-- "While physical gold is a well-known safe haven asset which investors flock to in times of market turbulence as a way of protecting their wealth, gold is also the ultimate asset to own and possess in times of crisis and emergency....History is replete with examples of gold being the ultimate asset in times of crisis and desperation, where time and time again, gold comes to the rescue and provides its holders with choice and freedom, choice and freedom that are not available to those who do not hold gold. This is not ancient but recent history, history in our lifetimes and in some cases even events ongoing now....Gold as a safe passage for refugees from Vietnam - Refugees from Vietnam who took huge risks sailing into the unknown to a better life could only do so because they had physical gold to buy safe passage, and because gold is a universal money that can be sold almost anywhere to help finance a new life abroad....South Korea - Gold mobilization to pay external debt --South Korea's population knew instinctively that in the midst of a dark economic crisis, only physical gold could help rescue their economy. And so they collectively mobilized to donate and sell the one true asset that had retained its value in Korea's financial crisis, their gold....Argentina - Accustomed to crisis, accustomed to gold - Beyond providing safe passage and saving a nation, gold comes into its own during periods of hyperinflation, economic stagnation, currency collapses and frozen bank accounts...Argentinians are so used to crises and inflation, so too are they accustomed to holding physical gold, as a way of raising emergency money, and as a way of preserving their accumulated wealth....Venezuela - Gold the 'go to asset' in ongoing chaos - Marked by a collapsing currency, hyperinflation, banknote scarcity, social unrest and shortages of essentials, gold has replaced paper currency across most aspects of Venezuela's economic life as a means of payment, as a form of barter to acquire goods and services, and in some cases literally for day-to-day survival....Zimbabwe - Grams of gold for a loaf of bread - Ravaged by dictatorship, corruption, election fraud, and economic collapse, the failed state of Zimbabwe has come to represent one of the world's best-known cases of modern hyperinflation in the midst of famine and food shortages...Peak madness was reached in January 2009 with the printing of a Z$100 trillion note, the world's largest currency denomination ever issued....Conclusion - The causes may differ - hyperinflation, death of paper currencies, economic mismanagement, capital controls, wars - but the outcome is always the same. People and economies instinctively turn to the ultimate asset gold as a safe harbor in times of crisis and emergency."

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