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5 compelling reasons you should consider this gold set:
1. Most coin professionals believe high grade U.S. certified gold coins to be scarce, underrated and more importantly have the widest general appeal to the public. Considering the number of potential American buyers there are not many PCGS or NGC MS63 sets available and only a small number of Americans could own a set regardless of price.
2. PCGS and NGC certified gold coins are universally traded. They are also universally owned and create the most universal demand both in this country and abroad. And there are good reasons behind their choice. They know market after market these early gold coins hold value and represent wealth. Rather than owning just bullion coins, why not open up the possibilities of greater gain?
3. We believe there could be as many as 20 million collectors of gold coins already in place. No one knows for sure but these coins already have a large built in collector base that appreciates and wants to own gold coins struck before 1933. This adds yet another complete dimension, which increases demand from all sides.
4. These historical coins are a part of America's "golden era" of numismatics in which the designs have been acknowledged as the world's finest artistic effort. An important aspect, even if you're a "bottom line" type of investor looking only at gain.
5. Let’s discuss value. It’s not abstract, it is a function of demand, investor base, and intrinsic or weight component. There are other important considerations like beauty, rarity, and affordability. All of which have a direct bearing on a coin’s worth. Now try to imagine 100% of all the factors that positively impact the value of gold coins. We believe that PCGS and NGC MS63 certified gold satisfies 95% of these factors. And there is one more thing, which is abstract, yet important. Most human beings possess a strong psychological drive to own what is no longer available or is not easy to obtain. Because early gold pieces are dated coins you are empowered to wonder if the coin in your hand was part of the California gold rush and an old miner’s dream.
The 8 Piece Gold Set Eliminates Confiscation Problem
The beauty of this recommended idea is that United States gold coins struck before 1933 are not subject to confiscation. The government created the power to confiscate under a little known law called the Gold Reserve Act of 1933. And while the act is old the law is still on the books and can be used anytime according to Congressman Ron Paul. Early gold coins are exempt from the traditional reporting rules that are common to gold bullion coins like the Krugerrand and Maple Leaf.
90% Of All Pre-1933 Gold Coins Are Circulated or Melted
Compare the actual mintages of our eight gold coins to the number of MS63 examples PCGS and NGC has graded since 1986/87. Our figures estimate that less than half of 1% of all coins minted would now qualify!
But how can we be sure of the total number of MS63 examples? That is easy too if your coins are PCGS and NGC graded. Let me explain. Independent grading was an unparalleled idea for the coin business, but an even more ingenious notion was a accountability process you may not have heard about. It’s called The Population Report (PCGS) and Census Report (NGC) and to the layman it’s nothing more than column after column of indecipherable numbers! 
Gold Confiscation In 1933
Makes The 8-Piece Set A Powerful Investment Choice
For most people the story of real American gold coins has never been told. It is even misunderstood by dealers unless they qualify as old timers. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Before you can understand what is happening now it’s important to see how we got into this monetary fix. And why our government is in no position to help us.
When you realize how we were all robbed of the right to own gold in 1933 you will understand the financial forces at work, and how to turn this information into profit.
Our report began when a young couple visited the store and were considering their options when buying gold. They had brought along their young daughter and wanted to begin a systematic investment plan that would put her through college.
Anyway, we placed in front of them several gold bullion coins. And several certified gold coins we felt were poised for extraordinary gains. We then explained how they were different and why in many ways they were similar.
Our conversation then covered the usual facts. Gold ownership in the U.S. was prohibited from 1933 through 1975. You see in 1933 our gold coins were confiscated and melted by the U.S. Treasury. Then the wife asked a simple question: "If gold was confiscated in 1933 why are these coins available today?
The answer to her question was simple. In 1933 it was not legal for us to own our own gold coinage but the Europeans were not included.
In fact the United States kept the gold window open for them in an attempt to support our paper currency worldwide. The Europeans in turn exchanged our currency for real gold pieces and stored the coins in Swiss and German bank vaults! Nixon stopped this crazy practice on July 15, 1971. But by then the damage was done. What was left of our gold coinage was safely stored in the great banks of Europe.
In 1933 you were lucky to have enough food on the table. Much of the country did not fare well. Unemployment was over 25%, banks were failing and many people had lost hope. But it was this catastrophe that prepared the public to participate in the biggest swindle ever seen in this great country. Citizens everywhere went along with things because it looked mighty bad and perhaps the government knew what it was doing.
A newly elected President Roosevelt and a desperate Congress were willing to try anything and in the process actually suspended some basic American freedoms. Why Roosevelt did this was straightforward. If people were prohibited from owning gold they would be forced into currency. If they wanted to earn interest they had to go back to the banks. This was necessary to stop the growing daily runs on the banking system.
Government Spending Will Push Gold Coin Prices Higher
Out of control government spending is your key to investment success. It is this spending that must eventually create inflation. We have heard this theme more than once, but such warnings have yet to be felt in your pocketbook. This temporary lag in cause and effect will not last long. And while inflation erodes everyone’s purchasing power today’s numbers make those years look like a drop in the bucket.
So what happens as inflation heats up? Well, first the U.S. dollar gets weaker. Then people begin to wonder what is happening to their savings. And purchasing power goes down. At first these losses are small and few are alarmed. Over time, however, this grinding away at your money begins to take its toll. This abusive cycle is then repeated as our government once again spends too much money.
A series of deficit years are created and again our government is forced to print too much money. This is then the true definition of inflation: Too much money chasing too few goods. Since time began the end result of printing too much money has been to devalue the currency. Gold and other hard assets then react to such devaluation by moving higher and higher in price.
The groundwork has already been laid for the next inflation spiral. How do we know? Because there are striking similarities between the 1970’s and today. Then as now we saw similar attitudes in government spending, unsettling trends in commodities, and ignored problems with inflation and energy prices.
  • Then and now Washington believed spending would stimulate jobs.
  • By far, liberal sentiment got the go-ahead.
  • Congress believed they had the right answers.
  • Then and now the U.S. became accustomed to low interest rates.
  • Gold was considered cheap in both time frames.
  • Congress at both times became dependent on cheap energy
  • Growing socialism increased bureaucratic regulations.
  • The government continued privacy invasion and confiscation of wealth.
  • The public showed little initial interest in gold.
  • Inflation was not considered a problem.
  • A pro-government leaning expected Congress to care for everything.
In fact the new inflation genie may already be out of the bottle. And don’t buy Washington’s inflation numbers. Look instead at commodity prices like wheat, corn, and oil. Long-term price trends have been smashed in 2 out of 3 of these indicators.
The accumulation of debt in this country will drive us to the brink of bankruptcy. America will then inflate its way out using the printing press. Thus creating worthless currency, a huge inflation problem and a financial windfall for you.
Some experts believe as much as 70% of the government budget is locked in by laws already passed! Ask yourself what chance is there that such statutes will be rescinded? If you are one who thinks the currency supply is not in trouble it’s time to reexamine the facts. In 1992 the amount spent on entitlement programs exceeded the amount of money collected on personal and corporate taxes combined! Today, after entitlements and interest payments on the national debt the government is broke!
Low inflation numbers issued by your friendly government office make everyone feel better. But are they reliable? Ask yourself if your cost of living is getting any cheaper? And keep in mind that Uncle Sam has "adjusted" inflation numbers for years. In 1979 he took mortgage rates out of the CPI (The Consumer Price Index) and today both the Republicans and Democrats want to alter the CPI to suit their own needs regarding Medicare and Social Security.
With the return of serious inflation or, worse, a crisis in the U.S. greenback hard assets explode in price and the usual question is how high can the price of gold move? While Jimmy Carter was in the White House (1977-1980) the price of gold soared to $850 an ounce! The price of platinum saw a whopping increase to $1040 per ounce, and silver moved to $50 per ounce.
Think it can’t happen again? Many think the old highs will be blown away in the next bull market. Here is the reasoning: In 1975 gold ownership in the United States was made legal. In the last months of 1974 the price of gold began approaching $200 an ounce in anticipation of this event. Like today, all the financial signs were pointing to higher prices but many Americans did not act and gold fell to a low of $130. By August of 1976 the market saw gold at $102 and still Americans did not act. Foreign banks did not have a problem, they stocked up and made a fortune. By 1980 gold had everyone’s attention at $850, a 733% increase.
Well, today that opportunity is once again kicking down the front door. Using today’s price a similar percentage move in gold would see the metal trading at $2500+ an ounce! And there are many financial experts who believe even that is conservative especially if the dollar ceases its role as a world currency.
Nine More Reasons Our Gold Set Could Soar In Value
1. A crucial element of certified gold coins is the fact that relative to potential demand there are not much PCGS/NGC MS63 gold available at any given time. If gold bullion increases central banks can simply sell into the higher market bringing prices down. When high-grade gold coins move higher, availability plummets because there are few available. This small number on the market vastly increases your chance of success.
2. The 90/10 Investment Rule. Before you lay out hard earned money make the following assessment: How many people out there are potentially interested in your investment as time goes on? In this case there are legions of interested people for only about 10% of the population now invests in hard assets.
That means 90% of the population is still available to drive prices higher. And unlike the 1970’s the price of gold is plastered on national television! This guarantees early investors a huge pool of potential new buyers. And of even more importance, perhaps, panic buyers, as latecomers believe they will be left behind.
3. Like the mid 1970’s there is a lull in the certified gold market. This lull is a necessary element in making money because if everyone else were working on this idea the prices would be moving through the roof. Buying low and selling high has never been truer if you have the conviction to act before the crowds show up.
4. It has been decades since the last huge move in hard assets. From crazy days of the 1970’s there have been volumes of books and newsletters written about hard assets. The greats like Harry Brown, John Pugley, Howard Ruff, Mark Skousen, Jim Dines and Doug Casey have created books now sitting on library shelves encouraging millions of people who have not yet purchased a coin.
5. MS63 certified gold coins are very scarce. And they are special in other investment ways. These coins are almost always used to build sets. Why? Because most people like the notion of having something complete to look at, study and enjoy. This human trait provides a powerful financial advantage for two reasons.
First, it compels even the beginner to buy first one coin and then another. Thus decreasing the number available and over time pushing prices higher. Second, the notion that even the smallest investor can begin with one coin adds momentum and appeal because it opens up a wider potential buying pool.
6. The complete set contains 8 coins, two of which contain nearly an ounce of gold. These 2 popular coins (the $20 Saint Gaudens and the $20 Liberty Double Eagles) will move directly with the price of gold but that is only the beginning. The remaining 6 coins are indirectly affected by the same move. As a general rule these coins will increase as gold moves higher but in many cases at a faster rate. This is due to their fixed supply, wide popularity, and a collector and investor base that tends to increase over time.
7. The 8-Piece set is also affected in an important psychological way by the price of gold. From November of 2003 through January of 2004 gold moved from $394 to $425 on fears that gold production was lagging world demand. That amounts to a 7% increase.
Again, from November of 2003 to January of 2004 the 8-piece PCGS/NGC MS63 gold set moved from $7020 to $8330. An increase of 18%! So while there is not a direct dollar for dollar move there is a relationship that suggests a move in gold will produce a delayed but larger move in certified gold coins.
8. These coins are ideal for investors who want privacy. It is entirely legal to purchase certified gold for cash using no name. Cash sums over $10,000 are reportable to the IRS but you can write a check for any amount and no one cares.
Anyway, using cash as a privacy tactic is highly recommended by well-known financial advisors. Many investors place their coins in a private safe deposit, where it is handy but away from intervention.
9. Certified gold coins are extremely portable and quietly moved at a moment’s notice. They also represent large sums of money, which can be stored in a small safe deposit box and need no maintenance or special care. 
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Timing Is Everything
Remember in the beginning of this report we said the Europeans took advantage of our open gold window and exchanged currency for our gold coinage until 1971? Well that was the truth and since the 1970’s American dealers have been flying to Europe, buying these coins and bringing them back to an eager audience in the United States. But in the last few years an interesting question is being discussed. Considering the majority of these coins were circulated or melted, how many mint state examples are left?
In fact we repurchase a small percentage of the certified gold coins we sell. That repurchase percentage is less than 10%. It is also a fact that we purchase only a handful of certified gold daily. And we have been strong and constant bidders nationally for years.
One must conclude that coins coming into the U.S. are going into solid hands as few are sold back to dealers. In other words smart money is socking certified gold away. Every dealer we talked to privately admits the supply cannot last forever. It has been drawn upon now for over 35 years. How much can be left with the demand for early gold coins in this country? No one really knows for sure but declining stocks provide clues and this source could slowly be coming to an end.
In our 33 years experience we can think of no other series quite like the 8-Piece Gold Set. These early gold coins were guaranteed by our Constitution, seized some 145 years later and then melted behind closed doors! All of these key factors make certified gold the first choice of those looking for security, privacy, and profit potential.
Best of all certified gold is selling at discount prices. In fact it is now possible to scoop up these blue-chip gold coins at discounts of 50% or more from previous highs when gold bugs were buying everything in sight.
And there is no fundamental reason for this temporary weakness in price. These coins go flying out the door as soon as we have a few in stock. Hardly a day goes by that some investor does not inquire about them. In fact the fundamentals could not look better. That is why this investment offers so little downside and such enormous upside potential.
All 8 coins at once may be out of your personal budget. We understand and offer each coin separately. You can buy the complete 8 coins set or start building your set with one piece. The choice is yours.