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1 oz American Silver Eagle (Random Year)

Park Avenues’ Collection of Brilliant Uncirculated America Silver Eagles in Pristine Condition
From €32.10

1934 Peace Dollar MS67 PCGS

Almost a million pieces were struck of the 1934-P, however it is extremely scarce in the better grades of Mint State. Only eleven pieces have been certified by PCGS in MS67 condition, and none are finer. This remarkable rarity has a PCGS market value of $105,000 and most recent auctions have seen prices from $88,000 to $105,000 for CAC examples. The most recent sale reported is $93,000. The obverse and reverse are brilliant with virtually flawless surfaces consistent with the MS67 grade assigned. Strong mint luster with well struck devices. An exceptional 1934 and among the finest known. This Ultra Rarity is for the collector seeking among the finest examples. PCGS Value $105,000 PCGS Population 11/0

1880 $4 Flowing Hair Stella PR63CAM NGC

1880 Flowing Hair $4 Stella PR63CAM NGC Rare and Elusive Judd 1657, Rarity 6. Bright and uniformly brilliant, with a touch of frosting on the central devices of both sides. Faint roller marks are visible on the central high points, but the strike was so strong that there is no weakness on the hair details and the striations created by the roller were almost completely obliterated.

1920-S Lincoln Cent MS65RD NGC

1920-S Lincoln Cent MS65RD NGC

The 1920-S is one of the more difficult dates from the period to acquire in full Red grades and it is genuinely rare in MS65 Red. This piece is among the finest Red examples seen by third party graders. The central motifs are boldly rendered, although the O in ONE and portions of the borders are not razor-sharp. Each side is free of bothersome abrasions and displays bronze-gold luster with soft amber and coppery-red overtones. Tied for Finest at NGC Pop 10/0 $11,500


1922 No D Lincoln Cent Strong MS63BN PCGS

The deep chocolate brown patina of this Choice numismatic blunder is adorned by hints of pastel color throughout. Nicely impressed and displaying a satiny complexion that brings life to this charming Brown example. A few thousand examples of the variety are known to exist, mostly plucked from circulation years (perhaps decades) subsequent to the time of issue. Examples grading MS-60 or finer are rare, amounting to just a few dozen examples. No cents were struck at the Philadelphia or San Francisco mints in 1922, and theoretically all 1922-dated obverses should have had a D mintmark, but due to carelessness, the mintmark was omitted from one of the obverse dies shipped to the Denver Mint, where the anomaly presumably remained unnoticed. By the late 1950s, the 1922 No D had become a favorite with collectors and commanded high premiums as indicated by collector guides. PCGS Population 11/5 in BN color
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