1909-S/S $20 St. Gaudens MS64 PCGS/NGC FS-501 Repunched Mintmark

Scarce low population Repunched Mintmark.
SKU: PA1910SS64

At least three different variants of Repunched Mintmarks exist for the 1909-S, although FS-501 is the only one shown in Cherrypickers'. The PCGS population for the 1909-S/S is only 32 with 10 higher, while the NGC population is mere 7 with 3 higher. The coins are light, bright yellow-gold color with excellent eye appeal. The FS-501 is listed at $3,000 in the PCGS price guide and $3,100 in the NGC price guide. The small percentage of Repunched Mintmark examples for the 1909-S $20 St. Gaudens make this a sleeper rarity with great long term upside potential and are highly collectible and sought after.  Own one today!.