1907 $20 St. Gaudens High Relief MS62 NGC Wire Rim

Wire Rim variety. Four years prior to the production of the High Relief $20 gold coins in late 1907, President Roosevelt sent a letter dated August 3, 1903 congratulating Saint-Gaudens on his recently completed Sherman monument installed at New York's Grand Army Plaza. Commissioned a few years later to redesign the double eagle, the sculptor adapted the allegorical figure Victory for the Sherman monument. The striding figure of Liberty on the coin’s obverse (adapted from the Sherman) shows complete strike definition and gives this piece a three-dimensionality lacking on other coins, especially those struck around the turn of the last century. This design is one of the most beautiful and understandably, popular in all of numismatics. Listed at $18,200 in the Coin Dealer Newsletter CPG, $22,000 in the NGC price guide and $21,000 in Trends.
SKU: PA4502623001